About Me

*Warning shameless plug of my engagement photos featured on this page.*


Hi, I'm Jeffrey Bodin but I go by my middle name "Alex". I currently live in Ames, Iowa with my fiancé Maureen and our cat Benjamin who we call “Benji”.

Recently, Maureen and I moved into a new home and were simultaneously gifted a relatives piano. Because of this, it is now common for Maureen to come home at the end of the day from work and find me working on learning a new song.

I enjoy being active and spend much of my free time lifting weights, biking and hiking.



I attended Iowa State University for undergrad where I received a double major Bachelor's of Science degree studying Information Systems and Supply Chain Management.

Recently, I graduated from Iowa State University recieving a Masters of Science in Management of Information Systems with a certificate in Business Analytics.

Bonus picture of our cat Benji
Benji look